Thursday, April 03, 2008

On the Move Again?

This is the time of year when teachers have to make a few decisions about their future intentions. The past few years I haven't given much thought to when the deadline date is. I knew I would be returning to Arctic Bay. Some others would and others wouldn't. Why am I bringing this up? Am I leaving in the near future? The answer is that at this point, I'm not sure. It's too soon to tell to be honest. I have put my resume in for another position with the school board that has me both excited and a little bit torn.

The music position at the high school in Iqaluit has opened up and I jumped at the opportunity to put in a resume for it. I did this earlier in the week. I just wanted to wait until I mentioned it to my principal before I blogged about it. Even then, I still debated with myself whether or not to mention it on my blog. But, I suppose I am a bad poker player. I won't hear about possible interviews for about a week and a half. It could be all for naught. I may not even get a call back, though I suspect my chances are pretty good. I've been teaching in the territory for almost 5 years, I've taught music in the past and I'm sure its cheaper for the board to move me to Iqaluit than to take a Southern hire.

Anyhow, at the moment, I'm trying not to think about it. Sure, I'm excited at the new (potential) opportunity but I've also been around long enough to know I have to push it to the back of my brain for now and focus on the job at hand. I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it.


Megan said...

Good luck!

Clare said...

Sounds like it would be a good fit Darcy. Would be sorry to see you go though. And here I thought you were thinking about putting down roots here.

Bonnieupnorth said...

I agree with Clare a good fit. In variably in my work get to see Xmas school concerts/plays and see the enthusiasm of students, much of this dependent on the teacher. One such great combo was the Grinch in Arviat. You might end up talking to the teacher there....Jeff I think is his name.

The waiting kills you I know. I went through the same thing in Nov. 06 when I applied for a position as liason counsellor with the school board here and it even had 2 months off in the summer so I could continue to come north....was convinced a perfect match. Re did my resume from 10 pages to 3 etc. Also a time in which lost my registration for a few weeks with my association because didn't get the paperwork in on my competency credits and all this just before I came up to Arctic Bay. It was exciting and stressful that waiting and dammit didn't even get a call back or interview.

Share this because it is very easy to beat your self esteem up in the waiting but if you don't get it there are other doors that will open... and perhaps a clear indication of another direction.

So good luck and remember that saying that God is not finished with me yet!