Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Quite The Eiffel Tower

It was a long hike up Petrin Hill but I was curious to see a rather interesting tower I had heard about before I flew across the pond. Although at first glance Prague's Petrin Tower looks an awful lot like the famous Paris landmark, it is much shorter - around 60m. But, it does sit on the tallest hill in the city meaning that its observation deck is at about the same height as the Eiffel Tower. Petrin Tower is almost as old as the Eiffel Tower but was built simply as a communication and observation tower. Unlike its French equivalent, it took a lot longer for it to become a major tourist attraction.

A great view from the top. I was fortunate to head up on a day that was more or less cloud-free. Much of my stay in Prague was plagued with what seemed to be non-stop rain. Also, I'm terribly afraid of heights. But after climbing up Petrin Hill in 30c degree weather, I figured I had to go all the way and get myself right to the top. I'm glad I did. The views were fantastic.

If you look close enough you can make out two bridges spanning the Vltava. The famous Charles Bridge is the one on the right.