Friday, April 11, 2008


Here are a few pictures from one of my favorite castles in the Czech Republic. Ok, actually, all the castles I saw were my favorite. The Karlstejn Castle, outside Prague, however, holds the distinction of having been built and lived in by the Czech's greatest Renaissance king, Charles IV. At one time the country's crown jewels were held here. As the tour guide explained, being in the centre of Europe was both a blessing and a curse as the area was a political football between the great powers of Europe. As a result, the Crown Jewels now lie in a Viennese museum.

My visit was a day-tripper with a tour group out of Prague so I wasn't able to explore the town proper on my own. I look forward to returning here so I can spend time wandering the old streets. It would also be great to spend a day there earlier in the tourist season when the place isn't swimming with tourists. Here is a view of the village from the castle walls.

The tower in the above picture was the only part of the castle I didn't get a chance to see. Viewing is limited to 50 tourists a day on only a single day of the year in order to help preserve this 14th century gem.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

I wish I had my own castle. I downloaded the first season of the Tudors and watched it this week and that also made me want my own castle!! Although... this house compared to my last one makes me almost feel like I am in a castle!

Way Way Up said...

I always wanted to live in a castle when I was a kid.