Saturday, April 05, 2008


Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary) was without a doubt the most over-the-top of the places I visited in the Czech Republic. Swanky hotels popping up like daisies, crowds, tourist knick-knacks, boutique shops, fantastic food. I spent much of my time there simply wandering the streets, trying to take it all in.

A bird's-eye view.

Every day, this garden was changed to show the new date. Pretty over the top.

I forget the name of this church but I'm sure you'll agree it is an eye-catcher.

One of the spa-buildings.

Statue of Bedrich Smetana, Czech nationalist composer.

One of the many Greek-inspired structures along the main promenade. I strolled past many times, pretending I was a wealthy 19th century gentleman. Ah to dream.

Spa entrance. I can't say I wasn't tempted to go in and pamper myself. A sign advertising something called "hydro-colono-therapy" gave me second thoughts however. (shudder)

More pananoramic shots.

The humble Tepla River, where, according to legend, Czech King Charles IV discovered the famous hotsprings in the 14th century. When the crowds got too insane for my liking I could always lose myself on a quiet walk along its tranquil waters.

Sampling the waters. mmmmm rotten eggs!

My awesome hotel. It even had its own on-site doctor. Grief, did they think I might die or something?

Plenty of hotels to choose from along the promenade.

More spa buildings.

Similar to an above shot.......obviously two days earlier.

Yet more promenade ambiance.

Yes, Karlsbad was definitely in a league of its own. Despite the crowds though I'd love a return visit. For sure it was a tourist trap but there was just something about the place that made me fall in love with it. Seven hundred years' worth of visitors can't be wrong.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Great pictures!!

Way Way Up said...

It was quite the adventure.....a bit surreal at times.