Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flood News

I had caught a little bit of news over the 'net a couple days back about the flooding emergency back home. A call home quickly allayed my apprehensions. My parents' home is perfectly fine, sitting as it does on a rather large hill. My sister and brother-in-law's place I was less certain about since their property lies across the road from the canal on the edge of town with no core wall to hold back the water. Other than 3 inches of water in their basement though, things seem relatively calm. A big relief for me tonight. Unfortunately, a few residents with property backing directly onto the river though will have to deal with flooded yards and basements. It is good to know that no one is in any immediate danger.

I lived the bulk of my life close to the Trent River and never paid much mind to the notion of its waters spilling over the banks. Familiarity breeds contempt I suppose. Mother Nature obviously has other ideas and with all the extra snow the area received this past winter, the area's watershed is quite saturated. Typical small-town Ontario though. Everyone pitches in to help out with sandbags and to help their neighbors. Its a relief to know the town can handle a 100-year flood. Understandably, my thoughts this evening are very much of relatives and friends back in Ontario.