Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Better Appreciation of Hills

Growing up in Campbellford, Ontario, I spent the better part of 20 years living in a house on a hill. There was a great view. It made me feel important. My house is higher than yours. The only difficult part was walking up that hill to get home. Now, I have pretty long legs so if it drove me nuts I can only imagine what walking up a big hill would be like for someone of shorter stature. A couple years ago, my parents moved to the other side of town - on another even bigger hill. Now, before my parents read this and cut me out of the will, I have to say I really don't mind it. Especially after hearing about stories like this.

I've caught bits and pieces on the news. I'm sure Campbellford will be fine though. It always is. The last time we had a major flood watch there was back in the summer of 2004 but Peterborough, further up the Trent-Severn, bore the brunt of that watery onslaught. I have faith in the lock system doing its job and sparing my old stomping grounds any major disasters. Part of me still thinks it would be cool to see a great deluge flow down over the lift-lock in Peterborough. Its a silly childhood fantasy/delusion of mine.

But I digress. Tonight I salute big hills and the wisdom of my parents for buying a house on one.

And for the record, I love the hills around Arctic Bay. (Photos courtesy of Kendra's blog. )


Anonymous said...

The Mayor declared a state of emergency today for Trent Hills - those mostly affected are in the low areas - Percy Boom, Meyers Island, Green Acres etc... Although in town you can see the signs of flooding were the Core wall ends - many backyards have disappeared under water. I have never seen it like this before. We should be ok were we are although the damn has been wide open and the water is crazy - Hoping we sell the house soon - to many dangers for Carson and the dogs!! Talk to you soon
Love Amber