Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools

As promised, something on the lighter side today and since it's April Fool's Day, this fits the bill quite nicely. I pulled off a few minor pranks this morning, pretty silly stuff. My housemate and I conspired together by taking a small "stick-note" and covering up the bottom of the mouse on the computer in the staff work room. I had put a smiley face and the words "April Fools" on the paper before sticking to the bottom of the mouse. Most people weren't fooled it seemed though but kept the joke going by putting the little note back when they were finished working with the computer. I was told later that one staff member couldn't figure things out and unplugged the mouse a couple times, thinking something was wrong with the computer before finally lifting up the mouse to look underneath it.

This, of course was small potatoes to the prank I was told by a local man who gave me a lift into work this morning. He told me that several years ago when he worked for the Housing Corporation, he went on the radio to let people know that Housing had a flight stopping off before heading on to Pond Inlet. There were 16 seats available on the flight....free flights, but no carry-on was allowed. The plane was supposedly going to be stopped in Pond for 4 hours before heading back to Arctic Bay (this was back during the time when planes landed out on the bay ice rather than up at Nanisivik). Who wants to go?

In a small town, of course it didn't take very long before word got passed around. People showed up in droves on skidoos, 4-wheelers and qamutiks out on the bay waiting for the mystery flight. I'm not sure what the reaction was when they realized the hoax but the man relating it had a chuckle over it, as did I.


Kennie said...

lol - I can only guess which staff member unplugged the mouse. You behave technologically while i'm away, I won't be around to save your butt.

nadinebc said...

good to hear April Fools day is alive and well!

Abbey said...

I love your little prank...think I'll do it this week just for the hell of it... :)