Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. I'm patting myself on the back for having this summer's planned adventure in Hungary more or less worked out. I hope to stay as far away from television as possible so as not to subject myself to coverage of the US Democratic Primaries which look like they will drag on painfully and relentlessly ad nauseam.

2. I must remember to pick up a pair of decent sunglasses this week. The sun is back with a vengeance and I suspect my frequent headaches earlier in the week were a result of adjusting back to all the sunlight. (Eyes to brain: What is that yellow colossus? Brain to self: It burns, it burns!)

3. We now have a photocopier at the school to work with. The 2 former ones gave up the ghost just before Christmas. They were brand new copiers from last year but I really shouldn't go into any more details. It took some time before the new one arrived and I am very glad for it. Since we are not exactly swimming in textbooks and resources here, not having a photocopier presented a major challenge to delivering lessons. It really forced me to get creative at times. And while I welcome diversity as a good opportunity to show off my planning and teaching abilities......dang it sure is nice to have a copier!

4. One of my favorite blogs is back. "The Adventures of Matt and Kara in Kugluktuk" has now become "The Adventures of Matt and Kara in Faro". Their blog was one of the first northern blogs I discovered, and in my blog's early days, quite a bit of my traffic was a result of their blog. Be sure to check out this new blog. ( I've added it to my sidebar as well.

5. I like short hair. Tonight, I uh.....decided to make it a bit shorter. Yup, it's pretty much all gone now. I've decided not to shock you with a photo tonight but I might get one up in the next few days. I'm not sure how practical the new 'doo is in -30ish temperatures but I'm confident this town is big enough for at least one skinny, white bald guy!


Jackie S said...

I just invested in a nice pair of sunglasses last week.

I paid "real money" for them... rather than the 9-dollar ones I normally got at the pharmacy in the past.

I figure it's the only way I won't casually lose them!!

Kennie said...

Did you Mach3 your head?

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Thanks for the note!

Now come on... get a picture up to entertain us!