Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Am An Anti-Seal Protester

Yes, I am an anti-seal protester. That makes me better than you. You see, I went to a university and have lived my entire life in an urban environment. I am also a vegetarian. Naturally, this makes me better than you. Even though I grew up and lived my life no where close to the ocean I still have the right to tell sealers that they are wrong. Because I'm better than you. I do not feel the need to go into a community where harvesting seals is a way of life because I am arrogant. I don't need to associate myself with these people because I am culturally superior. People in these communities be they in rural Newfoundland, Nova Scotia or Nunavut should just get jobs or move or something. Yes, it is a simple answer to a complex socio-economic problem but it is my solution so it is the right one. In Nunavut they should just get their food from stores. They should eat oranges or something.

Anyone who disagrees with my views is wrong and deserves to be smeared because well, they are just wrong and I am right. My culture is superior because it is European. There is no need to prove or debate this. I am Anglo-Saxon and that just makes me better than you. Because I am better than you, that gives me the right to tell you how to live your life and pursue a livelihood. If you come at me with facts, you are automatically wrong because I say it is so. Yes I am an anti-seal protester. My belief is the right belief. My opinion is the right opinion. My facts are the right facts. My culture is the superior culture. I am an anti-seal protester and I just know everything.


In Iqaluit said...

Yep. You pretty much summed up the mentality of an anti-seal protester.

Anonymous said...

You've summed up the caricature of an anti-seal protester, but as someone who has worked a lot in environmental issues, where there a lot of animal rights activists also involved (crossover interests), I think you're way off the mark with a lot of this, especially the second para but most of the first as well.

I'm personally not opposed to a humane seal hunt, but I understand the views of the other side, they're different views but they don't stem from the rhetoric you are spouting here. Sure, there will be the odd moron, there are anywhere, but animal rights folks are generally very intelligent and thoughtful people.

Remember, the media is shaping their message to fit their own stereotype of who they want you to think these people are. You cover media awareness in your classes, right?

I hope you're not reinforcing this view with your students, as polarizing around an issue and viewing the other side in a knee-jerk manner as being a bunch of goons doesn't help. There's actually a lot of common ground between the two sides.

Way Way Up said...

Granted my rhetoric is a little incendiary however, I am simply returning the favour. I've seen enough anti-sealing tripe on enough websites to know that such people do a pretty good job of caricaturing themselves without any help from me. If there is common ground between the two sides then I am not seeing it.

The simple fact is that no amount of protest will halt the subsistence seal hunt here in Nunavut. It is simply too ingrained in the culture here for that to happen. The worrisome aspect of such protests however is the damage it can do the seal pelt market which plays a very important part of both the Northern and East Coast economies in this country.

This blog of course reflects solely my own point of view. In the classroom, of course I present all sides to this issue. However, I do this with the understanding that the seal hunt plays a vital part in the economic and cultural lives of all my students. That is simply the reality here. A reality which unfortunately the anti-seal crowd, no matter how well-intentioned they believe their ideologies and motives to be, is simply incapable of grasping.

I would also like to add that after living in Nunavut for close to 5 years I have never seen once seen a baby seal pelt or white coat. I have no idea where these people get there figures from but the overblown assertion that millions of baby seals are slaughtered is nonsense.

Jackie S said...

Also, you forgot:

Those places that do the seal hunt should change to seal observation. Like the whales. Because there are a plethora of tourists in the north who would love to take advantage of such an opportunity. They could make tons of money.

Way Way Up said...

To my knowledge this type of eco-tourism does exist in Nunavut albeit on quite a small scale. This is mostly done by individual outfitters. I think its an interesting idea if someone or some group could make a go of it on a larger scale. Economic diversification is aways a good thing.

Part of me wonders though if this would be the cultural equivalent of a farmer showing off herd of beef cattle to hordes of rubber-boot wearing urban gawkers.

jen said...

OK....was slightly confused for a moment. lol

Who is killing the baby seals? That is all I see people complaining about, but I have also never seen someone chilling in a baby seal coat.

Are the protesters angry just about the babies being clubbed (which again I have no idea who is doing that) or just seal eatin' in general?

Save a cow, eat a seal lol

Way Way Up said...

Thanks for the comment Jen. I started a response but kept knocking loose my internet cable and losing my comments so I decided it would be easier to repond in a new post.