Monday, March 31, 2008

Hold yer Nose B'ye!

Regular readers might think I've gone off the deep end as of late, what with all the focus on the seal hunt and animal-rights activists. Indulge me one more post and I promise I'll return to my regularly-scheduled program for my next post. I came across this story yesterday so I decided to post it to show the hysteria coming from the dark side.

If Paul Watson ever turns out a suspense novel, I just might be tempted to lay down a few bucks. He sure knows how to ramp up the rhetoric. (Ice flows are flowing red...horrendous cruelty and slaughter...worst slaughter that I have seen...pathetic little corpses...violence rules out here...I'm a hermaphrodite....and so on). Unfortunately, this tripe relies solely on some pretty reliable "eye witnesses" but then its not like he'd ever let facts stand in the way of a good story.

I'm assuming he had this article published in a New Zealand newspaper as no respectable Canadian daily would touch this garbage. I love how he ends his piece though.....gripping suspense ain't it? "The icebreaker Amundsen is now returning, crashing through the ice towards us again..." I suppose if there are no more updates we can all fill in the blank ending to that one.

Special thanks goes out to Kendra for her technical assistance for explaining to me (several times) how to set up links on my blog. Its a brave new world!


Curtis Groom said...

Huh, and where do you find the fiction in this article, maybe some sort of subtle satire that I just don't comprehend. Seriously, If Senator MacCarthy has been reincarnated, then I believe we have found his new soul. Above all, to think that at this very moment this individual is cashing cheque's from well meaning people who lack the geography to understand what is really happening out there. Its just a sad day for society, 4,000 people died today in Zimbabwe of the AIDS infection and the papers are full of this tripe. They'll be replaced with another 4,000 tommorrow and we'll still be reading about this publicity hound.
It would be funny if it weren't true.
Take Care

Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Oh my. I'm not sure if I want to laugh out loud at the craziness of it or get really upset at the way he is portraying the sealers. I'll sleep on it. I'd love to see the "documentary" he is filming though. Just can't see sealers hunting pups. Yes, I am aware it is illegal and no one in their right mind would hunt pups in front of cameras. Not that I am saying they are hunting pups. Sealers are hunting seals. Dumb asses. :)