Thursday, March 27, 2008

Culture Slaughterers - Yes Sea Shepherd Society This Means You

Seal skins make great winter mitts. I support the seal hunt.

Yes its that time of year again. The seal hunt is set to kick off for another season and once again anti-seal hunt groups like the Sea Shepherd Society (true media whores that they are) are determined to meddle and interfere. All fear their little ship "Farley Mowat". Now personally, I think Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Society, is an obnoxious loudmouth and highly illogical. Um, you do realize Paul, that if you take your views to their logical end then all humans really should just commit mass hari kari and the world would be better off. Actually, you can have your theory. Personally, I'd rather live in the real world and gladly stand up for a culture and part of the world I've grown to appreciate and love.

So the Farley Mowat cometh. I got curious about this story after seeing some coverage on Newfoundland Television and started to poke around to see what I could find out about the ship's crew. How informed/intelligent/logical are these people. Well let's see.......

The "captain" is Alex Cornelissen from Amsterdam. Of course, Holland has a very strong sealing culture. He sounds clued in to me for sure. I have to wonder though, would any one want to be on a ship driven by a this goof from Amsterdam of all places? (toke toke cough cough)

Hmmmm.....crew members from North Carolina and France......tons of seals in those places (in zoos!) There are also crew members from Australia and New Zealand and while I'm willing to concede there may be some seals off their waters, I seriously doubt they have much appreciation of issues being faced by Inuit in places like say Pangnirtung or Pond Inlet who rely on seals for income and food. But wait! All is not lost. There are a couple Canadians on the crew. Surely this will restore some sanity when you have an anti-seal protester from Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. SASKATCHEWAN? Are you kidding me?!

While there is humour and sarcasm to my words there is also great anger and frustration. It boils my blood that arrogant and ignorant idiots like these espousing a "holy than thou" attitude, feel they can slander an entire culture and way of life from the safety and security of their urban lair. Spend some time up here (no not just 2, 5 or 10 days) and get to know the people and culture before you condemn it.

Clueless statement from a crew member - "I'm excited to take part in the seal campaign because it is terrible the way they kill the seal for fur, for's not justified!!"

Neither is your ignorance. Sorry there, but in my world human rights trump animal rights.


Trudie said...

Well spoken. I really wish there would be many, many more in Canada who would stand up and say their piece in the face of these twerps. Wasn't Paul Watson part of that group who went to protest wolf hunting in northern Alberta some 15 years ago or so? And had to be rescued at government expense???

Anonymous said...
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Way Way Up said...

To the above anonymous commenter - Kindly do not use my blog as your personal soap box. Grow a brain and some respect. At least have the courage to leave a name rather than comment anonymously. I have neither the time nor patience to deal with people like you so I have deleted your comment. Get back to me when you can formulate your own opinions rather than relying solely on the inflated rhetoric of Paul Watson. Relying on character assassination, gross stereotypes and wild rhetoric is a sign you have nothing of substance to stay. It is the last bastion of the desparate and ignorant as you obviously paint yourself to be.

UnkleB said...

Thank you Darcy as you have hit the nail on the head!
These people just don't get it, it's all part of the circle of life.
If the seal herds are not culled in a controlled manner this would wreak havoc on the fish stocks.

Look what happened in Northern Ontario when they cancelled the spring bear hunt, left alone they multiply, there is only so much food so they start heading into populated areas and now you have bigger problems.

Speaking of the annual Newfoundland seal hunt, at least this year we won't have to put up with Sir Paul and Heather on CNN spouting off a bunch of nonsensical drivel.

take care ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger,
just to let you know that we actually have seals in france ! Reaaaaally, many grey seals sunbathing in complete peace and freedom in Bretagne, north west part of France ! Don't worry, not one single critic in my comment, which was more an informative one.
Ok, the purpose of my message was first of all to thank you for your posts on seal hunting. Pretty nice to read your point of view on this. But also for the future borrowing of some of your pictures I will do since I already read that you agree with this!
And last of all, I am going to present something pretty soon about the role of the seals & polar bears in the Inuk culture and to be sure that I get it all about the hunting seal thing in Canada, do you have a local or lets call it traditional seal hunting by Inuit AND a commercial seals hunting by Canadians and/or Inuit. And if you considere that there is clearly two kinds, do you have any information about the proportions of seals cautght in these 2cases.
One more qusetion. An open one... If you had to say anything, inspirated from your feelings, experiences, readings, talks, whatever, about the place of the polar bear in the Inuk culture, what would be your words ?
Thank you for answering and helping, and actually thanks for writting about Nunavut! Nice gift for people so far away from this "land"

Megan said...

Wow. A person who is actually interested in the issue and doesn't swear or make death threats. Welcome, Aurore!

albertaboy said...

The anti-seal campaigne is the worlds biggest. In rough figures, it brought in approz. 100 million dollars worldwide last year. Did even one dollar of this 100 million go towards helping out one seal??

The anti-seal campaigne makes more money them all the other animal rights campaigne's combined. (in the whole world)

This is why the animal rights community does not really want the seal hunt to stop. They only have to appear to want it stopped.