Thursday, March 13, 2008

Accountability in Politicians?!

My head is still spinning from reading the news but I'll try to keep it together long enough to finish this post. Bear with me.

Let me see if I have this right: Nunavut's Finance Minister resigns over failure to disclose some business connections. He is then replaced in the cabinet by an MLA who was forced to resign his seat in 2000 after being convicted of sexual assault (he was later re-elected in 2004.) I can't say that I'm impressed by this. Frankly, its just sad. What kind of leadership by example is this, exactly? Why won't my government enact legislation to prevent nonsense like this from happening?

Now, as hard as this is to believe, it could have been worse. Yes, worse. I suppose the Finance Minister could have been replaced by the Minister in charge of the Housing Corporation. He was later found to be in arrears to the Housing Corporation....defaulted on his mortgage. OR...I suppose the Cabinet could have chosen MLA James Arvaluk. He was Nunavut's first Education Minister. He resigned from the Legislature TWICE - in 1995, after being convicted of 2 sexual assaults and again in 2003 after being convicted of assault causing bodily harm. And the consequences? He was re-elected in a 2006 by-election!

When Arvaluk was re-elected I did write a strongly-worded letter to one of the territorial papers and I called him out on my blog inviting him to come into my class and explain why women should be treated as equals rather than sex objects. I haven't heard from you yet, James (my invitation is still out there).

Back in university I was fairly active in politics, joining a political club, taking out membership in a federal party and volunteering time during a provincial election campaign. My youthful idealism has now been replaced with a rather putrid dose of cynicism toward politicians and elections. Will anything ever change? Doesn't the electorate deserve better? A general election is due to be called in Nunavut within the next year. Should I even bother to vote?


Megan said...

Well, you should definitely vote, but I share your frustration. I know you feel it more keenly than I do, because I'm just watching this play out from a distance. You have to live with it.

Kennie said...

Follow the White Rabbit Darcy.

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