Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seal Repost

A couple seals sit on the floor in the school kitchen. They were gutted, cleaned and their skins stretched and dried for use in cultural activities. The pelts will be used to teaching traditional sewing skills in the making of kamiks (kamiik), gloves (pualluuk) among other things.

***This is a repost of some pictures I had put up earlier in the week. A few readers had commented that, for whatever reason, the picture weren't loading up so I've tried tried again.


Indigo said...

Ah, yes draining the blood. At first quick glance I thought the seal was drinking. Silly, I know but on second glance it gave me a good laugh at my own quick impression.

Kennie said...

I still think it's funny that they used Salam's breakfast bowl with one of the seals.