Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On Being Your Own Guest Blogger

A few days ago I had signed up for a "blog share" scheduled to kick off today. I didn't mention it earlier since I thought I would leave it as a surprise for my readers.......all 6 of you. The basic idea is that you do a guest post on another blog out there in the blogosphere and another blogger posts on your blog. So, if you arrived looking for a guest blog post, I offer my apologies. I had a post ready to go last night but the email I was expecting that would tell me the blog I would be posting it on never got to me until earlier this afternoon. By then it was too late, as I had to eat a hastey lunch before heading back to some meetings.

Later in the afternoon I figured I would go ahead and send off my post even though by then the blog I was to post on already had a guest blogger. I like the idea of blog-sharing so I figured the blog owner in question wouldn't mind since it does bring you extra readership. (I have noticed an big upswing in the number of visitors I usually receive in the course of a day, which is really flattering.) Of course, when I tried to send off my post, my internet connection decided to get cute on me so I wasn't able to get it sent off. Ironically, my post was on some of the challenges of living in the North.


Tracy Crowe Jones said...

Thanks to BlogShare I found your site. I'm very excited and look forward to visiting often. I love the North - tlingit art and culture, the running of the Iditard (go Mitch Seavey!), the midnight sun. I could never live up North because I'm too much of a lizard, but I will enjoy living vicariously through you.

lisa marie said...

Dang, that's my kinda luck there. :) Well, I found you anyway and you have me curious, so I'll stick around and see what I see. :)