Saturday, February 23, 2008

Heaters, Hot Water and Hockey Sticks

I'm not sure why, but after taking last night's picture of the window I felt compelled to get rid of all that ice. I figured my little floor heater would do the trick. I've had the little gizmo for a few years now but I hadn't used it in some time. After several minutes though, the heater hadn't put much of a dent in the ice. At this point, the heater began to overheat, shut down and ran home to momma. Not to be deterred I hacked away at the now slightly softer ice with a butter knife for a couple minutes. This did the trick off getting rid of the bulk of the ice but left me with the problem of some good-sized pieces of ice on the window sill and down by the heaters along the floor.

Since I found the notion of water and electricity in close proximity not very enticing, I simply opened the window and reunited the errant ice chunks with their brethren outside. Of course once I tried to close the window.........yeah, it wasn't all that cooperative. A little hot water melted an particularly irksome patch of ice which I thought was responsible for my inability to close and latch the window. No dice. I still couldn't get the blasted thing closed without leaving a small gap at the bottom. That's when the hockey stick entered the fray as my housemate then volunteered to take his stick with him outside and push on the side of the window so I could then lock it in place. I think now I'll just wait until June rolls around before I crack it open again.

In other news, there are no classes next week at our school. Teachers will be doing Professional Development activities. I've taken Inuktitut lessons the past couple years and certainly my understanding of it has improved even if I am by no means fluent. This year I am participating in a series of meeting/discussions centred around helping with students with behavioural, academic and ESL issues. No word yet on whether how to properly close a window will be a part of this.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

Wow, a whole week? Do you still get 2 weeks off for March break? I know Colby has this Thursday and Friday as PD days but not the whole week. I can just picture you guys closing the window with a hockey stick! Too bad no one got a picture of that!

Way Way Up said...

We don't have a March Break built into our schedule here. No rest for the wicked. But the school year here does finish a couple weeks earlier than Iqaluit.

Kate Nova said...

Sorry I never found you while running around A.B., would have liked to meet you in person!

Way Way Up said...

No worries Kate. The North can be a small place so my experience is that everyone bumps into everybody eventually.