Saturday, February 09, 2008

Gratuitous Sun Worship

These pictures were taken yesterday. It's pretty cloudy outside today with just the slightest hint of blue in the sky but knowing the sun is up there somewhere is good enough for me.

AND......after 4 days of sub -45C temperatures, its warmed up a rather balmy -38C.


Nicole said...

I can't really imagine having it that cold :)
The coldest I have experienced was -14 in Norway and a snow storm in a tent.
But I can imagine it is as weird as plus 55 here in summer ;)

Nicole said...
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Way Way Up said...

Last week's temperatures were pretty frosty compared to what I'm used to and I've seen my fair share of cold temps. 55F makes for a toasty day. It hit that mark for one day here a couple summers back.