Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Go Cole Go!

My young nephew is in action this coming weekend in a very big hockey game, backstopping his Peewee team in a quarter-final match in Wasaga Beach, Ontario. This is as far into the play-offs his team has ever gone before so we are all very excited for him. The little quirk here is that my sisters and I were all born in Wasaga Beach (well, Collingwood General Hospital actually). But childhood sentiments aside, I hope Cole's team takes it. (hope my dear sis survives all those long hours of driving as well)



Anonymous said...

Hello Darcy!
Lets just say I strongly advise against taking a school bus to Wasaga Beach - it's an extremely rough ride. Anyways we are up 2 games in the series - we won Friday night 4-2 in Wasaga Beach and won today 7-5 at home. Back up to Wasaga Beach tomorrow for game 3. Will let you know how we make out. Cole thought it was pretty neat that you wrote about him on his blog

Way Way Up said...

Thanks for the update Amber. This is really exciting!