Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Frozen, Broken......Fixed!

It seems the one thing that has become unintentional subject matter for my blog this year has been my water tank. Once again, when I seem to be at a loss about what to blog about, ye old water tank steps up to the plate. Last night we had our tank filled up after being without water for a couple days....no big deal in itself. I think I might have a massive coronary when we actually do start out a Monday morning with water. (4 Mondays and counting folks! Call Guinness 'cause we're going to set a record!)

Anyhow, we were a bit of a loss last night after the water truck departed as to why we still couldn't get any water out of the taps. We had all our jugs we keep in the fridge for water emergencies in the sink ready for fill up and were perplexed when the taps didn't seem to be cooperating. This was just plain wierd. One of our neighbours who lives in the unit at the far end of our building stopped by to ask if we had any water since apparently, his taps weren't cooperating either. So a quick call over to Housing was made and a maintenance worker dispatched. Turns out that the access door leading to the room containing the water and sewage tanks for the building had been left open. Several days of -40C weather had wreaked havoc with the water pump and cracked a number of pipes. The pump was fixed without too much trouble but the maintenance worker said he'd have to wait until morning to get the damaged pipes fixed.

To make a long stinky story short, the troubles were all straightened out by the time I arrived home from work today. Another bullet dodged. A good sense of humour has helped my housemate and I weather the storm. (18 months in the Reserves has certainly helped me in making due and not sweating the small stuff.) Our neighbour in the unit right next door to us has had a much harder time dealing with the mini-crisis, apparently calling the hamlet garage (8 times according to my housemate and the water truck driver I spoke with), the RCMP and, if the stories are to be believed, Health Canada. (Newbies......grrrrr!) I'm not sure which is funnier, laughing our way through 3 days without water, or him. What I do know is that, in the future, if I happen to see that maintenance door open when I pass by, I'll be closing it tight rather than assuming someone is in the there doing some work.


Kennie said...

Newbies! Now, I don't think any of the rest of us have resorted to calling Health Canada.... or the RCMP for our water woes..... just ye neighbour :-)

Way Way Up said...

Oops! Mea Maxima Culpa :)

Amy H. said...

Hi! Just found your blog through Megans. Am happy to have found it.
I read back to your early posts and found some funny similarities between you and my parents from 25 years ago. Oddly enough,they moved from Peterborough, Southern Ontario to Northern Saskatchewan to be teachers as well. Then somehow, they found their way to Arctc Bay (with three little baby girls) and then to Broughton, and then down here to YK.
Sorry for rambling... just wanted to share.... i really like your blog, and will conitnue to read... keep up the great work!


Way Way Up said...

What a small world. What were your parents' names. I was curious if any local staff members would remember. Another wierd coincidence is that another Arctic Bay blogger (Clare at Arctic House) have been through a lot of the same (or very close) places in the NWT, Sask and Manitoba though at different times in our careers - and now he lives right down the road from each other.