Thursday, February 07, 2008

Everyone is Responsible...Part 1

There's something that's been stewing around in my mind lately. Something to which I've given much thought. And I've thought about this very carefully so that it doesn't come out in the wrong way. When I decided to enter the education field, I did it with the firm belief that it was a noble profession, something more than just a job. For me, I've always felt it was a calling. You enter the classroom everyday knowing that your words and actions can have a profound impact on young people, even if it may not seem evident in the short term.

Teaching in an isolated community has its own special challenges and I don't need to rehash these here as long-time readers know I've addressed some of these issues in past posts. I suppose what I am trying to get at is this: often the reality you face is quite different from what you are led to believe in teachers college or from what lofty ideals you may have had floating around in your head prior to signing your first teaching contract.

I find too often that when it comes to education, people can be quick to point fingers. Parents blame teachers; teachers blame parents and students; DEA's blame teachers and parents; parents blame government and around and around we go, devolving into a never-ending vortex in which nothing seems to be accomplished. I've been around long enough to see this get played out may times over ad nauseam.

In the end though, everyone is responsible. Everyone has their role to play. As my parents used to tell me growing up - if you just focused more on what YOU needed to do rather than focusing on what everyone else is doing then EVERYONE would be much better off.

So why this little quasi-rant? No big crisis. The sun is back; my sewage tank has submitted to my will and I had a student with chronically low attendance return to my class with a vengeance, completing most of the assignments he had missed and then scoring quite respectably on a unit test, despite registering for the course when I was already halfway through the unit.

I don't have any magic wands that will fix the system and don't want to come across as too preachy but I do have some general ideas floating around in my head that I feel would make a good start for everyone. I'll save those for a future post until I can word them in a lucid and productive way.


jennifer of nunablog said...
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jennifer of nunablog said...

Hmmm...I look forward to that post.

I dream that someday parents and teachers will work together. Where the DEA knows each student and teacher by name, where each teacher calls one parent every day with good news, and the admin lights flames of inspiration and motivation under everyone.

Teacher + Parent + Admin + DEA + community + student = SUCCESS!