Sunday, February 17, 2008

Counting Ravens

I headed out again this afternoon to up my tally for the Great Backyard Bird Count. I figure I'd have to head out a little further than my own backyard to improve on yesterday's count (and really, anything would be an improvement over 4). Through my livingroom window, I noticed a flock of activity around one of the dogteams out on the ice so I headed down there. I was about halfway to the team when it dawned on me just how I might be able to get close enough to count without scaring them away (dreams of binoculars floated through my head). I figured I could get fairly close though. Every community I've taught in has been a home to ravens so I know them to be pretty fearless creatures. A few flew away, singley or in pairs as I got close but I figured they just weren't as into the Bach harpsichord concerto I had playing on my discman as I was. In the end, I was able to count 12 ravens before they all decided to head off in the direction of the dump. So impressed I was with my stealthiness that I completely forgot about my camera in my coat pocket.

With luck, I'll be able to get out one more time tomorrow after work, though I'm not sure the light level will be good enough. The one bird I'm looking forward to seeing but won't for a little while yet are the snow buntings, always a sure sign that spring is right around the corner.