Saturday, January 05, 2008

Random Ramblings

1) Congrats to our juniors on their gold medal performance at the World Juniors! I managed to catch all the games on tv over the break except for the gold medal game since I was somewhere over Baffin Island during game time. Thankfully, I can watch replays of the big game to my heart's content on TSN (as I am doing right now acutally). Given Canada's 3rd period implosion I can at least watch the game with a lot less stress knowing that we end up winning (heh...especially since the Swedes have just tied it up here).

2) I got back into town late this afternoon. I didn't get much sun in Ontario but the milder temperatures were a treat, especially as I got blasted with a -51C windchill in Iqaluit on my way back up. At any rate, I am looking forward to starting off the new semester and feel more (or less) ready to go.

3) I mentioned in my last post about the Nunie Awards, the Academy Awards of the blogging world. You can vote for your favorite blogs by visiting Clare's blog. Here are my choices for Best Nunavut Blog in no particular order

a) Nunablog
b) Townie Bastard
c) Matt and Kara in Kugluktuk
d) Nunavut Newbies
e) North of Nain

These are the blogs I've tended to read the most, and Nunavut being as small as it is, I've met the authors of 3 of these blogs on my short list . Having said this, there are many good blogs on my sidebar you can check out if you feel the urge.

4) I haven't posted too many pictures on my blog lately due mainly to the lack of outdoor light but with the sun returning in a mere 32 days things should get better.


J Consortium said...

Hey, thanks for nominating us! We don't write in it anymore (you may have just inspired me though) so I appreciate it very much.