Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Little Mishap at 30 000 feet.

Time to start another year and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things. I head out for Ottawa tomorrow and (weather permitting) arrive back in Arctic Bay Saturday afternoon. My flight home was uneventful other than the fierce turbulence landing in Montreal and Ottawa. I also had a dental mishap at 30 000 feet when my root canal decided to unattach itself. (I could blame the air line food except in this case, I know it wasn't). Fortunately I was able to get to a dentist to get things fixed up. At least the root canal came out on the flight south and not on the return trip. I don't even want to think about how I would have handled that.

I had a nice little break here to recharge the batteries. I spent much of the time visiting my parents, sister and 2 young nephews. And also planning for my summer vacation. I love Lonely Planet. Their guides are fantastic and as long as my travel ADD doesn't kick in too much, it looks as that moment that I'll be headed to Hungary this summer (of course I haven't started reading my travel guides for Slovakia, Poland, Romania or Croatia yet). Sigh. Yes, I must be decisive! Hungary or bust..........maybe! I'm glad I have 5 more months to figure this all out.

I also noted that Clare has a competition for Best Nunavut Blog. Head on over and check out contest details. And vote for your favorite Nunavut blogger. Clare isn't eligible (sigh) but I'm hoping to make my picks in the near future. And you should too.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am a lurker on many Nunavut sites, I get my fill of the north since I know I won't get the chance to get there myself. I did notice that you mentioned Lonely Planet for your travel guide, another great site for help is - if you haven't already heard about it. (no it's not my site). I've used this site for all of my travels through Europe. It's a great site and all the tips are done by travelers around the world. Have a wonderful time in Hungry, that's one of those "to do countries" for me :)

Oh and btw... am I'm a former Windsorite :) My family still lives there and both my cousins are currently attending U of Windsor.

Thanks for the great site!


Way Way Up said...

Melissa, thanks for the link. I'll be sure to check it out.