Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kick This Bucket!

After surviving a couple of 5 day stints without water (one of which was, admittedly, of my own doing) we find ourselves hit with another curve ball. I got word earlier this evening that both sewage trucks are kaput. I actually passed by the one truck outside the Northern on my way home from work. I seem to remember its engine revving up several times while it just stood still at the side of the road. I didn't make much of it at the time until I got this dreaded phone call. All I really know about the truck's problem at the moment is that it is "something major".

Hmm....what to do now? Luckily we had a water truck stop in the past day or two and my neighbor is out of town (we share a tank between units) so that alleviates things a little. My little mop bucket gave me some ideas tonight. I may have to press it into service if only to prevent too much water from heading down the drain (which would inevitably shut off the valve to the water tank once the sewage tank fills). For fear of reviling my readers though, I can reassure them that all is well. I'm not running for the hills yet (my lungs would rebell in the cold weather anyway) but will keep this little blue bad boy handy for kitchen purposes only.

UPDATE - My fears have been alleviated and my nerves calmed. What we believed to be a transmission problem with one of our sewage trucks turned out be much less serious. Yes, the sewage poop truck is working and I didn't have to lapse into god-awful poetry on my blog either. Woo hoo! I can now put my bucket away!


Anonymous said...

Hey - there's nothing wrong with pooping in a bucket. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Hee hee.

-jennifer of nunablog

Way Way Up said...

The word "restraint" did come into my mind. :)