Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm #4!! I'm #4!!

A big congrats to Jen of "Jen of Nunavut" for winning a Nunie for "Best Blog 2007" and to Jackie of "A Journey Northwards" for winning in the "Best New Nunavut Blog" category. The competition was great and the wins were well deserved. As for yours truly, I pulled into 4th which is fantastic. Truth be told, when I started my blog, I didn't really think it would attract all that much attention. I did notice a small spike in my visitor stats while voting was taking place the past few days which was quite flattering. It was great to be nominated and I enjoyed the friendly competition over the past week. Thanks for everyone who voted for making this a nail-biter. The polls were very tight toward the end.

A big thanks as well should go to Clare for organizing the awards. Some of the blogs which were nominated were not ones I regularly read but now I'm hooked on them. I think it would be fantastic if next year we see the 2008 Nunie Awards! Who know what other great Nunavut blogs will emerge in the future.