Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Golly Gee Willickers

The nominations are in and as it turns out, I've been nominated for a Nunie for "Best Blog". Also nominated are

- Townie Bastard
- Jen of Nunavut
- Port Town Ghosts
- Adventures in Medicine

In the category of "Best New Blog", the nominees are

- Nunavut Uncensored
- Tales From The Arctic
- A Journey Northwards
- Northern Chirp
- Inflatable Elvis

Voting is open until January 29. To vote, simply head over to Clare's esteemable blog - The House and Other Arctic Musings - and cast your vote. Good luck to all.

And - A big thanks to everyone who nominated me. Who knew?!

Haha, predictably, I'm getting mercilessly crushed by Jen, Kate and Craig. Help, help!!


Kennie said...

Congrats on your nomination Darcy!

Anonymous said...


You write a good post, my friend.

Good luck!

-jennifer of nunablog

Anonymous said...

Win or lose, I am now aware of your blog because of the Nunies! And I love it!

- In Iqaluit