Monday, January 28, 2008

The '93 Conservatives Revisited

The big countdown is on. Tomorrow is the last day to vote for your favorite blog in the 2007 Nunie Awards. I'm getting thrashed at the moment worse than the Progressive Conservative Party in 1993. Its all good though. Still, at around 11% I'm pulling in NDP-type results. As someone who counts himself as slightly right of centre that's sooooo embarassing! Therefore, like the shameless politicians I oft-times decry, I must resort to shameful vote begging. Please, please, PLEASE!!! lend me your vote!!! Not only would this help my cause but it will serve the further purpose of sparing my readers anymore of this sad display.

Its okay, though folks. I have a plan. A plan to lift my sagging fortunes in the dying hours of this grand campaign. Something so ingenius and diabolical that it will put me over the top. And that something is.........okay I'm not sure. Wait! I have it! Okay, here goes. Make a list of 10 things you think Chuck Norris could never do and if I pull out an upset here, I will personally come over to your house and do these 10 things for you. (As long as it does not involve heavy lifting, hacking through a jungle canopy or crocheting.) Ha! Beat that Chuck Norris! Now quick, go vote for me! Time is of the essence!


Anonymous said...

I _loved_ this analogy, by the way! Very funny even though I am an NDPer.

- In Iqaluit