Monday, December 03, 2007

You Ought to Be in Print Baby!

A few weeks back I was contacted by a young lady from the Education Faculty of my old alama mater, the University of WIndsor. The next issue of the faculty's magazine was focusing on issues of aboriginal education and they wanted to hear from someone "in the field." So I sat down for a conference call along with a principal from a small school in Yukon. I had read a draft copy of the article earlier on and was looking forward to seeing the finished product. Today it arrived in the mail. The inside cover featured two inuksuit and it was interesting to compare them. One was an inuksuk I photographed back in August at the top of King George and the second was from a sculpture garden along the Detroit River. As an adopted Northerner I love to see inuksuit in the different places around Canada I've visited (even if they do look a little out of place among trees and flowers). Anyhow, I was quite pleased with the article as it highlighted some of the unique challenges faced by northern educators.