Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ye Old Milk Run

After a hectic November month I've finally managed to book my travel home for Christmas break. (Even more impressively, I did this on-line for once.) Barring any weather-related delays I should be back in southern Ontario on December 24th. Flying in the North is still a bit of an adventure despite the onset of modern air travel. It can also be a bit of a marathon. In order to get back to good old Campbellford, Ontario I have to negotiate the following:

1. take a cab from Arctic Bay to Nanisivik
2. hop a 3 hour flight from Nanisivik to Iqaluit
3. overnight in Iqaluit
4. fly from Iqaluit to Ottawa with stops along the way in Kuujjuaq, (northern Quebec) and Montreal
5. overnight in Ottawa
6. take a train from Ottawa to Belleville
7. meet my folks in Belleville for the 40 minute road trip to Campbellford

Returning to Arctic Bay, I pretty much do the same thing in reverse except that I have a direct flight from Ottawa to Iqaluit and will make a quick stop-over in Pond Inlet on the way up from there. (Of course this nice neat schedule operates under the assumption that the weather will be on my side.) So there you have it. Perhaps a little more complicated than the average trip but always worth it during the holidays. In my next life I think I will be some sort of travel agent.

PS - Happy Birthday Scott! Don't worry, I won't mention any numbers! See you all very soon!