Thursday, December 06, 2007

Top Secret

The past couple days have been tied up with meetings so my blog has been pretty quiet this week. Regular classes resume tomorrow and I'm finally starting to feel like we are in the home stretch. Only a couple more weeks until Christmas Break. (And as of yet I still haven't finalized my travel plans). Our meetings haven't been all that exciting. Nothing I haven't heard before. Once Nunavut's new education act comes into being, communities will have to choose which model of language instruction they want for their community. We also had to consider the supports our school would need to implement the chosen plan. So that was the crux of our meeting. Each community is in a different set of circumstances so a "one size fits all" solution isn't realistic. At this point it looks as though Nunavut will have its own education act by June of 2008. So its been a long time coming. Patience is the key word I suppose. The plan is that a 100% "made in Nunavut" curriculum will be fully in place by.......wait for it.........2019. With luck I will have the chance to implement it in my own classroom before I retire. I'm looking at a retirement sometime between 2025 and 2030 so there's still hope.

Speaking of long-term things, I have been giving a lot of thought to the future the past couple weeks, specifically my future in Nunavut. No worries, I don't have plans to go anywhere soon. I have, however, been giving a lot of thought to buying a piece of propety in town. There are 2 or 3 lots I like, one in particular. Of course I wouldn't really "own" the property outright. According to the land claim agreement, I would only be leasing it from the hamlet for a period of 99 years. Even should I defy the law of averages and see my 132nd birthday, something tells me that I won't care all that much about legal minutiae by then. Anyhow, for the moment its still a bit of a pipedream but we'll see how things develop. Lots sales don't happen very fast here but I still won't divulge the location of the lot of my dreams. Its top secret for now. True, it doesn't have a picket fence, green lawn or garden out the back but it is spacious and it does have a hell of a great view. And that suits me just fine.