Monday, December 10, 2007

There's Just No Help For Me

I admit it. I love cookies. If I don't have any, I buy, beg or bake, usually in that order. My favourite kind are gingersnaps. I love my mother's gingersnaps and one of the things I look forward to at Christmas time is the inevitable plateful that will find its way across my palate. I could seriously down an entire plate of the tastey little critters and not bat an eye. I'm not exactly sure where this weakness for cookies came from. Certainly this weakness isn't hurting my girlish 32-inch waistline. I am the only person I know of that can eat as many cookies as I can and not gain a single ounce of weight. Woman are jealous of this. In fact, I've mentioned this little ability of mine to many women throughout my university and working years. (This likely goes a long way toward explaining why I remain single.) At any rate, I'm working through a plate of peanut butter cookies at the moment. I made them myself. I wish I could say I they were whipped up from scratch, a product of my own creative imagination. But I can't. They're nothing fancy but still, they could just be the ultimate comfort food to while away the dark season.


Nancy said...

Are you using the flour-free recipe? If not, then THIS is the definitive peanut butter cookie recipe (plus it's the easiest one out there):

2 cups peanut butter (not health food stuff, the smooth evil commercial stuff)
1 cup sugar
2 eggs

mix until it forms a dough (it starts out kinda batter-like, but keep mixing, and DON'T add flour), and add chocolate chips if desired (I always do). Bake 13 minutes at 325. Win friends and influence people. Plus, they're so chock-full of peanut butter you can practically rationalize eating them for breakfast. Just keep that little metabolism thing you've got going to yourself.

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Nancy. I'll try it out and see what happens.