Sunday, December 02, 2007

More Views from Rankin Inlet

Outside Rankin's airport.

Rankin is one of the few Nunavut communities with jet service. Most other communities are serviced by older Hawker-Siddely 748' s or the newer ATR's which entered service a couple years ago.

A twin otter braving the fierce winds.

Airport terminal. The terminal was built about 10 years ago and is surprisingly roomy.

Take-off. Rankin Inlet in all it's glorious flatness.

MUI has a fantastic gym. It was a great venue for badminton. The school is in fantastic shape and I was quite shocked to learn the building is around 30 years old. Not all that old by southern standards but structures in the North quickly show wear due to the elements and high usage.

Its difficult to tell where the town begins and the tundra ends when everything is covered in ice and snow but Rankin is in there somewhere.