Friday, December 14, 2007

Missing: Journalistic Integrity and Common Sense

I tried to ignore this. Honestly I really did try. We usually don't get Nunatsiaq News up here but I did bump into this unhelpful letter to the editor earlier in the evening. I could ignore it but really, in the end, there is a part of me that just can't let insane stupidity like this go unchallenged.

NLCA Benefits "white Nazis" only?

My fellow Inuit, the white man is now laughing joyously.
He wants us to fight a fight amongst ourselves.Come and join our
new fight, the fight to regain our independence and autonomy.
Yes, they will say that we cannot control our destiny and desires
because we are only good at fighting amongst ourselves.We are to
them that our ancestors had managed to survive for centuries
without any assistance from the nations of this planet. My fellow Inuit,
in less than a century the white man has managed with calculated
motives to wipe out what held our nation and families together. What we
must now realize first and foremost is the notion that "fighting for a nation"
and "running a country" are two completely seperate entities. We must
not depart from this proven ideology. The Nunavut land claims agreement
is only for the benefit of the white nazis not for the Inuit nation.
Join the good fight that is coming soon.

Lootie Apak Kooneeliusie

I'm not really sure what this ignoramous hopes to accomplish by penning this trash. Does this individual know anything at all about Nazism?? I'm sure Hitler would have stuffed this writer into an oven had he been given the opportunity. I have a grandfather that enlisted to fight against the Nazis. An old highschool buddy of mine just returned from Afganistan where Canadian troops are fighting against an intolerant regime.

Who is the idiot that even saw it fit to publish this nonsense? Certainly, the "journalists" at Nunatsiaq News must have slept through their ethics classes at journalism school. As for the writer's disatisfaction with the NLCA, I do know this much: it was voted on by Inuit from all three regions of Nunavut before coming into being. I assume this included the writer of this diatribe as well. I am not a land claim beneficiary. Heck, I was still in high school back in Ontario when this vote took place. So I'm not really sure how I can be blamed for this.

Perhaps the writer is frustrated at the stalled devolution talks. But let's face it, the feds won't devolve any powers to the territory until it gets its financial house in order. Given that the finance minister has recently resigned over failure to disclose his connections to companies that have received GN loans........I guess it doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to connect the dots on that one.

Snide remarks aside though, I'm not really sure what else to say. I live in Nunavut. I am NOT a "guest". I am NOT a visitor. Nunavut is my home. And it deeply sickens and saddens me that there are people out there like this goof that feel this way.


Jen said...

I am sure the Nuntsiaq News people were looking for a little spice this Christmas season. That or maybe they were interested in letting everyone be aware of how some people think here.
If you have the article in hand, why not send it to a paper down south?
It does make me sad every time I hear this crap. Why can't we all love eachother?

Larry said...

You know, I'm kind of glad that Nunatsiaq News does publish this stuff - and it has happened quite frequently. I think they are as keen as we are to reveal the kind of racism that exists in Nunavut.

This guy does his "cause" more harm than good. It's obvious that he's an idiot, and thanks to NN, now everybody knows it!


Shelagh said...

Wow... harsh words...

It makes me ponder though... what series of personal events occured produced this level of ire. There has to be a catalyst to this rant. He is angry enough to purpose what looks to me as civil war.

His letter confuses me. His penmanship (unless someone "edited" it for him) indicates an educated person. He knows that he will get a stronger reaction by the use of the word Nazi, so that was truly calculated. He was angry when he wrote the letter (or got angrier while writing it), otherwise he would have been clearer on what his cause/fight/goal was. I don't think he is necessarily an idiot but he is definitely uphappy.

This man must feel completely out of control of his own personal situation. For that, I can feel empathy for him.

I'm thinking he wasn't really looking for pity when he wrote that... oops.

Kara and Matt said...

I think Larry has a good point! Nunatsiaq News could be helping to show the other side of the story here in Nunavut.

Thanks for writing about this too Darcy. I was too upset for many words on my blog.

KOTN said...

A good paper inspires discussion. That letter to the editor has caused a lot of discussion.

He got my attention too. I don't agree with a word he said, but you could feel the watercooler talk all over the territory.

Is it more ethical to supress opinion writing based on taste? He even put his name on it. I'm just sayin'

Kate Nova said...

If the paper picked and chose which letters to print, it would be a form of censorship. They also publish letters anonymously all the time, something not all publications do. Good on 'em.
I run into that kind of racism every second time I go to the bar (which is why I don't go there too often). It exists. Might as well put it out there.

Way Way Up said...

Thanks to all for your comment. Certainly this issue has generated a great deal of discussion.

KOTN, While good, constructive dialogue is a good thing. I strongly object to this individual's choice of language which is what upset me the most. I just feel there are other avenues that could have been taken than resorting to this type of potty mouth.

Kate, as I'm sure you know all papers are selective in what the choose to print. While I am generally against censorship, there are times when the rhetoric really needs to be toned down. I don't see how this letter is helpful. It seems to me that it will only serve to feed negative feelings and attitudes. A well-written editorial should provoke thought and discussion not hurl around needless and hurtful invective.

Elaine said...

I'm a bit torn about whether or not the paper should have published it. I mean, we're fighting the free speech war from this side, and it should apply to everyone. The press is supposed to be the best way to distribute your use of free speech.

I do think, as Larry says, this only serves to point out the racism and lack of education and understanding for various cultural and ethnic groups that exists in the territory.

Anonymous said...

If this guy can say stuff like that in the newspaper, why can't I say "balls" and "ass" on my blog?????


Way Way Up said...

Jennifer, I suspect this is due to a highly problematic bureaucratic ailment known as cranial-rectal inversion. Wait! Can I say that? Oops, oh well.

Anonymous said...

Im not writing this comment to tell you what an idiot you are, but why would you write such hurtful words. I know that when he wrote that arctical, he wasnt writing it to hurt your feelings or get you upset, so why are you anyway?  I can agree with him on some things, like how english people from the south, took what rightfully belonged to the inuit, and believed that they had more power over the inuit, i find it absolutly horrible what europian whalers did to the women, and how RCMPS burned inuit's tents to the ground and gave the inuit tags as if they were dogs, 
No race should ever have power over another just because they think they are more powerful! even though i am very very young, i know and have learned that every human being atleast deserves love, happiness, exceptance and family to support them. Once again i am not writing this comment to tell you what an idiot you are, or to desrespect your opinoin, but before you write somethigng like that again, please stop and think for a minute, "this person may have gone through stuff in their lives that NO one could ever imagine

 how would you feel if you went on the internet as a young teen and saw what people were writing about your father, 
Imagine not being able to see your father  every 7 years, not being able to say " i love you" or give your father a hug every morning before you head of to school .  

I know that you are know going to delete this comment after you read this but please remember what i said, " every human being needs love, exceptance, love and family to support them....

Way Way Up said...

Actually it is the letter writer who wrote "hurtful words" first. I was simply responding to them. He ignorantly refers to Southerners as "White Nazis". Why the hell wouldn't I be upset??

Way Way Up said...

Yes every person does need love and acceptance. References to people as "White Nazis" or any other racial epithet for that matter is hardly a demonstration of love and acceptance.