Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Little Behind

As one of the new teachers reminded me today, we are now almost (almost) half way through the dark season. Every year, I always feel a bit lethargic once December rolls around and this year seems to be no exception. My circadian rhythm is a bit screwed up but luckily Christmas Break is just around the corner, a welcome opportunity to recharge the old batteries. I feel a bit irritable and sluggish like everything is running in slow motion. It's as if someone snuck up and jabbed me with a needle of ether. But I always get through it. I have to admit that Christmas Break has really snuck up on me this year. I was out of the community a couple times last month so it hasn't seemed like such a long haul from August to Christmas as in past years. It still hasn't dawned on me that I only have a couple teaching days left before next week's exams and Christmas festivities at the school. Where has the time gone?

For the curious, the "little behind" in the picture above was on the side of a church of all places that I came across in Brno last July. One of the many masons involved in the church's construction created this small figure as a parting shot toward a fellow mason who took over his job after he was fired.


Kennie said...

I can relate to the screwed up circadian rhythm ... mind you, if I was able to go to sleep before 3 am I have a feeling it wouldn't be quite as bad ... At least I have my dawn/dusk simulator-alarm clock arriving next week (yeah! waking up to a gradual "sunrise" rather than those harsh florescent lights).

You missed a good time tonight at the Potluck, but I can totally agree that a little down time is needed to!