Tuesday, December 11, 2007

An Interesting Discovery and an Election

I've finally managed to read through a really good book I picked up in Iqaluit over a year ago. I started it a few times but now that its the dark season reading time faces stiff competition from my music collection, the odd DVD, poker night, blogging and my work (of course). It was a great read, a biography on RCMP Sergeant Harry Stallworthy. The book makes the point that it is unfortunate Stallworthy isn't as well known in the annals of Canadian history as say Sam Steele (no relation to me) or WJD Dempster. For all his northern experience though, you think he would be. He spent a number of years leading patrols on Ellesmere Island, participating in the Ellesmere Land Expedition in the 1930's, searching for a lost German expedition, and reaching some of the northern-most regions of Canada.

My interest in his career was especially piqued when I learned he had spent time in a couple places my teaching career has taken me. He served as a Staff Sergeant at the detachment in Fort Smith and also spent time on the DEW Line at FOX-5 located near the community of Qikiqtarjuaq (Broughton Island). Small world - and a very interesting read.

The only other big happening in town this week was the municipal election. Normally these are quite muted affairs and I generally don't pay a great deal of attention to them. Actually I'm pretty sure this is the first local election I've ever participated in. Since this is the longest I've lived in the same community since leaving Windsor and since I knew a few of the people who were running I figured I'd go sign my "X".

I have a bad voting record. Usually the person I vote for doesn't win. Okay, I can't remember the last time the person I voted for ended up being the winner. (Sigh.....there's democracy for ya) My choice for mayor wasn't successful though I'm sure the winner will do a good job. There were 4 councillor positions up for grabs and only one of my choices made it onto council. Granted I only actually voted for 2 people since these were the two I knew best but still, it is a pretty lousy record for me. I'm thinking though this could be useful in the future if I ever lived in a place where candidates constantly harrass you at your front door during the supper hours for your vote. I'll just tell them I might be the last person they want to vote for them. So for any political hopefuls out there...its less of a headache for both of us if I don't vote for ya.