Thursday, December 20, 2007

For the Curious

I inevitably get asked what the temperature is like here this time of year. Here is your "aha" moment. Unlike Toronto, we don't call out the army here. We just reach for the parka and the sealskin mitts and take it all in stride. We usually don't get much in the way of wind. It seems to pick up a bit at night but I still find it quite tolerable.

I did have to chuckle this morning at the CBC. They were discussing what parts of Canada would experience a "white" or a "green" Christmas. The map graphic they put up on the screen showed much of Baffin Island in a green shade. I know of course they meant we likely won't have snow on Christmas, not that we'll have a green Christmas, but it gave me a smile.

I also see that they will be doing a story tomorrow night from aboard the CCGS Amundsen on what its like to live and work in 24-hour dark conditions. I can tell you its interesting. I don't really think about it that much because I'm more or less used to it. Several people have remarked to me this past week that it doesn't seem to be as dark this year as in past years. When I thought about it, it seems to me it was darker here last year too. Its been clear here most of the week, thus the lower temps, slightly brighter skies and the good prospects of catching my Christmas flight out on Saturday.