Sunday, December 16, 2007

Don't Blame Me

My family in Ontario always kids me that whenever I visit I bring the cold weather down with me. This year, from what I've seen on the news, Mother Nature has jumped the gun on us and dumped tons of snow on Ontario and the Maritimes. In past years, almost without fail, I arrive at my parents, and within a few days either the mercury takes a nosedive or the skies open up with several inches of snow. I can only recall one Christmas break in recent years when this wasn't the case. It was +10C with nary a flake on the ground and there I was in Belleville searching for a pair of cross-country skis. By the looks of things, there will be more snow down there when I arrive (weather permitting of course) then there is here. (I could make a smug comment about how Ontarians need to toughen up but its a myth that the North gets huge snowfalls. Its too dry for large amounts to be produced.)

At any rate, I'm watching pictures of the carnage on tv here and it looks pretty surreal. But don't blame me. :)