Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Rankin Inlet Bound

Weather permitting, I will be heading down to Rankin Inlet this Friday for a few days to chaperone for Badminton Territorials. I wasn't originally supposed to go. In all likelihood I'm the worst badminton player in Nunavut. However, Monty has used up all his special leave days due to Indoor Soccer Regionals earlier this month. (We are only alloted 5 special leave days a year). I, on the other hand, have a number of days banked from previous years. So I'm quite excited to go (weather permitting). I have yet to visit any communities outside of the Baffin Region.

For those readers not in the know, there are 3 regions in Nunavut: Baffin (or Qikiqtani), basically all of Baffin Island plus a handful of other communities, Kivalliq (central Nunavut, which includes Rankin) and Kitikmeot (in the west). I will be in Rankin (weather permitting) Friday to Monday and spend a couple nights in Iqaluit on the trip home. As an added bonus, Territorials for Indoor Soccer will take place in Rankin Inlet this same weekend so I hope to catch a few games and learn a few things. It won't be the same without Arctic Bay of course but we'll get there.


Jackie S said...

Hey, just FYI, I believe the soccer territorials were last weekend. So you might want to double check on that before trying to find it!