Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Notes from the Day

My time as Acting-VP is drawing to a close. We expect our Principal back here either tonight or tomorrow. The past two and a half weeks have been unique in many ways. I hope to post my thoughts on this in the near future when I can think a little more coherently. Needless to say, there were times I enjoyed it and times I did not but overall I have to count it as a positive experience. Having said this, I am anxious to get back into my regular routine. Its a challenge to plan for unqualified subs and try to stick to my long-range plans. Plus, I'd rather deal with kids than paperwork and silliness during my day.

Our two new staff members arrived in town while I was away in Iqaluit. Our grade 4 and 7 positions are now filled........finally. They seem to be fitting into the community nicely. Both students and parents are relieved to have qualified teachers in these classrooms. I popped over to see the new teachers the other night after my plane got in. Our grade 7 teacher spent a year teaching in Cape Dorset 6 or 7 years ago so it didn't take long to discover a few names of other teachers from around Nunavut that we both knew. Nunavut can be such a small place. On this same note, I was checking in my luggage at Iqaluit airport and discovered that the lady at the First Air counter is related to the owners of one of the grocery stores back in my home town. Small world.

The sun is quickly disappearing here. Very shortly from now it won't rise above the horizon. The sun will remain below the horizon until it reappears around the first week of February. I remember standing outside Inuksuk High School between soccer games and staring mournfully up at the glowing orb of the sun, knowing it will be awhile before I see it that high up in the sky again.

It is now the official start of long underwear season here - at least for me. Temperatures are sitting in the -20s at the moment making for a chilly walk to work. My big winter parka made its first appearance this morning as well. I bought a winter coat 7 years ago when I first moved north and had been wearing it for a couple days but I find it just doesn't cut the mustard like my big Resolute parka. Perhaps I'm not getting soft in my old age. I find I don't notice the cold as much as I used to. My tolerance must be rising. One new staff member remarked yesterday on how brave she thought I was for heading out for work without my snow pants. I don't know if its toughness or just laziness. I find it's a pain to constantly put them on and take them off. But even a few Inuk colleagues have remarked on the falling mercury. When an Inuk tells you its cold then you know it must be a wee bit nippy.