Monday, November 19, 2007


I've learned to avoid the phrase "Now I've seen everything." During my career I've seen schools closed for many reasons - no heat, no water, blizzards, funerals and fire. I can now add flooding to the list. It was quite the mess that greeted us this morning. A window was left open in one of the primary classrooms. The high winds we experienced here over the weekend led to a pipe freezing which eventually burst, flooding the classroom and part of the hallway. The landing at the bottom of the stairs leading to our gym was also inundated with a few inches of water.

If this wasn't bad enough the water seeped down through the floor and into my house mate's room on the lower level. Water was still pouring through the ceiling when we arrived this morning and it felt like a sauna in there. Much of the ceiling tile was warped and sodden and the carpet was a soggy mess along with much of the school's brand new gym equipment which is stored there. A light fixture was dislodged from the ceiling and the school's electrical system was shorted out. Water was pouring out through the wall and outside the school as well. It sounded just like a waterfall. Thankfully our computer lab in the adjoining room was spared but it looks like quite the mess to clean up. I went searching for a mop and bucket to help get some of the water off the floor in the upstairs hall but was advised against this due to the hazards of electrocution.

With the power flickering off and on, there was little we could do at school this morning so most of us headed home for the day. So we get an unplanned day off, extending the weekend. I cringe to think about the state of those affected classrooms however, and the clean up that will be needed.