Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blizzards Blizzards Everywhere

....except for here. Tonight it seems every Baffin Island community is under either a blizzard warning or a snowfall warning with the sole exception of Arctic Bay. A massive storm front is on the move. Environment Canada hasn't issued any warnings for us but we have been experiencing some pretty fierce winds throughout the day along with snow, blown down off from the heights around town. The wind is only up around 30km/hour or so according to the Environment Canada website but it is enough to shake and rattle the house.......and wreak havoc with the satellite. Thank goodness for good old cable. Tonight is definitely a good night to hunker down indoors.


Kate Nova said...

The wind is picking up in Iqaluit now and I am so excited! I just got home to a mug of tea and I am looking forward to a good old storm, from inside my warm living room of course. :)