Monday, November 05, 2007

Another Successful Soccer Tournament for Arctic Bay

Our soccer teams returned tonight after another exciting and highly competitive Regional tournament. Both my teams played very well. The boys were expecting to finish a little higher but I was very proud of their efforts. They got knocked out in the semis in overtime in a tough match with Cape Dorset but managed to take the bronze. We definitely have a really good rivalry on the go with them as we beat them in a shootout last year to take the gold. There were a few tears after the match but being the good group they are they shake it off and look forward to competing in the 15-and-under division next year.

The 14-and-under girls held out well against some very stiff competition from the bigger communities, toughed out some bumps and bruises and were awarded with a bronze for their efforts. This is a group that has great potential for the future and I can't wait to see how they do next year. Iqaluit's team didn't seem to be the powerhouse this year and the smaller communities have really got their game going so I can't wait to see how the competition shapes up for 15-and-under next year. The girls faced them in the semis and only lost 2-0 which is awesome when you consider Iqaluit has 10 times our population. The days of getting blown out 10-0 our well behind them now and they know what they have to do to compete successfully Baffin's power house teams. We also had an 18-and-under girls team this year which brought home bronze as well. Congrats girls!

This was the biggest tournament yet, certainly the largest one I've ever been to. The competition was fierce. Iqaluit, as expected won 5 out of the 6 divisions. BUT........Arctic Bay was the only one out of the smaller communities that medalled in every division in which it had a team and that's a first for us. Pretty impressive when you consider that most of the communities we faced were twice our population.


c'est moi said... just goes to prove the old adage, success breeds success!

Clare said...

Congratulations all around. Darcy