Thursday, October 18, 2007

There's A Big Chair In The Principal's Office.......

........but I haven't had much time this week to actually sit in it. I must say though that this week, while challenging and a little crazy at times, has been a good experience. I will be happy when next Thursday is over because there are two big events I am helping to coordinate for that day: a Career Education Day put on by the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce and a Qamutiq (sled) race by Skills Canada. The other administrator had here own plate of things to deal with so much of the responsibility for coordinating/liasing/scheduling has fallen on my broad (yet skinny) shoulders. Its been a challenge getting things organized. I have a couple teachers helping me out but I was conscious of putting too much on the plates of rookie teachers with all the other challenges they have to deal with.

For the time being I teach full time in the mornings and fill in as Vice-Principal in the afternoons. My substitute for the afternoon made a dentist appointment for 2pm and I didn't find out about it until she approached me about it in the afternoon. So I was stuck to find a sub to replace my sub which turned out to be me. It was just as well as I've been trying for well over a week now to have a unit test for my afternoon grade 10 Social Studies class and students felt better to have me there to do review with them rather than someone else. We've had a lot of missed classes due to a long weekend, a suicide, and a funeral plus my own teacher intuition which told me there were a few days when the students simply weren't prepared to write a test. I am also taking two soccer teams to Iqaluit in two weeks' time for Regionals. As tends to happen after a funeral as the result of a suicide, I tend to notice a little more aggression and acting out by some students, so I stepped quite delicately in dealing with discipline issues today.

Needless, to say its been a challenge but so far so good. If I can pull off everything that's on the go without any serious glitches it will be a big plus for me when our Principal returns here in 3-4 weeks' time.