Monday, October 08, 2007

Thanksgiving Long Weekend

It was a pretty quiet weekend at home here. I enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving dinner of moose meat, ham and veggies with my roomate and a couple other teachers last night.....fantastic. If you've never had moose meat before, you're definitely missing out. I know moose meat might seem a bit out of place way north of the Arctic Circle, but my housemate Monty, as a dyed-in-the-wool Newfoundlander had some sent up from the island.

We've had quite a bit of wind the past few days, enough to help form whitecaps out on the bay. This is something that doesn't occur all too often, especially since the bay here is surrounding by high bluffs on three sides. It made for a few chilly strolls up the hill on my way back and forth from soccer practices and Thanksgiving dinners.

On another note, I had a chance to speak to our MLA at last Friday's graduation ceremony who told me he had received my e-mail along with a few others voicing concerns over the lack of teachers here. I also took a call from Nunatsiaq News and spoke about the issue with them as well. Hopefully, once it gets into the media it will light a few fires under the government's posterior and some action will be taken. I basically told the reporter that I would give him the whole story as long as my name wasn't published. Of course, if some government mandarin traces things back to my humble blog, it could make life interesting. Nunavut can be a small place so I doubt it would be that difficult to figure things out - even for a government bureaucrat. But....... I do my job everyday. Its only reasonable to expect government mandarins to do theirs. Besides, its not like they'd set out and fire me. They obviously have a hard enough time trying to hire teachers as it stands right now.


Anonymous said...

Nunavut News/North did a story about this issue here:

Way Way Up said...

Thank you Anonymous, I recall seeing the article you mentioned. I read it with a great deal of interest. I just hope this situation gets dealt with rather than being mentioned once or twice in the news before disappearing.

Kate Nova said...

I agree! Working as a reporter I see how hard it is for GN workers to shed light on these situations, because they're worried (and perhaps rightly so) about their jobs.
The nurses in Nunavut are a good example of a group which has done a fantastic job of mobilizing to get their message out there. Hopefully the teachers can too.
These are both fundamental areas that everyone can relate to; it shouldn't be too hard to win support.
Cheers, and congrats on the recent school graduation.

Kennie said...

uh.. I think the correct term is government fluke .... or drone .. not mandarin :-)