Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Soccer Gods Are Smiling

It seems the soccer gods are smiling on my boys team. I got the list of teams we'll be facing at Regionals from our rec. director this afternoon and as luck would have it they are the same three teams we faced last year in Iqaluit. This bodes well for the boys' chances of breaking through the glass ceiling and getting to Territorials! We know we can put up a good challenge against them. The other bit of good news, which came as a shock to me actually, is that there is no team from Iqaluit in their age division. With its larger pool of students to pick from, Iqaluit would definitely be a dominant team had they had one. The boys didn't face Iqaluit last year in 13-and-under so I was expecting they would definitely have a 14-and-under team. But this is no longer the case so we no longer have to blindly guess at what kind of competition we would have faced. Part of me is disappointed though. It would have been interesting to see how our team stacked up against them. At any rate, the boys were definitely excited and upbeat when I gave them the news on the competition after school today.

The tournament is less than a month away and my goal is to repeat as Regional champs and get the team to Territorials, the next level. It would be the first time a team from our school has gotten that far in a competition and this years team would definitely be one to do it. I really like their chances now!

Above: A couple scenic shots from last month.


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Jackie S said...

Beautiful photos.
Make me drool!