Monday, October 29, 2007

Qamutik Making

Here are a few pictures from the cardboard qamutik making in our school gym this past Friday. The basic idea was to have teams of 6 students design a qamutik (traditional Inuit sled) using only a large sheet up cardboard, a role of duct tape, a piece of rope and a little imagination. The students dove right into the challenge. They had an hour in which to design and build their sleds. A few teachers jumped into the fray to help a few of the younger teams finish their sleds within the one hour time limit so that they would be able to race later that morning. The kids tended to use 2 basic designs: 1) traditional qamutik design or 2) a flat sheet of cardboard with the front end bent, folded or curled up.

You have to have the team logo just right.

My roomate Monty helped out some grade 5's and 6's with their sled. I think this design finished 3rd in the races. The thing I liked about this sled was that the rope was actually just meant to be wrapped around the arms of the student riding it so that the kids pulling it would only be pulling the kid aboard rather than the entire contraption. (Less chance of the rope detaching or the sled disintegrating mid-race>)

This is more or less what a traditional qamutik looks like except of course they were made out of whale bone (or wood today).

Our grade 9 teacher Nick assists some younger students with their creation.