Friday, October 12, 2007

Pssst......Don't Tell the Teachers!

Our Principal left on his flight this afternoon so I found myself helping out with administration. I will officially be the Acting Assistant Principal until he returns. I'm not sure how long I will find myself in this role. It will be at least 3 weeks but there is the possibility it could be 4, or even 6 weeks. During this time I will be teaching my regular course load in the mornings and then head down to the big chair in the main office for the afternooons.

My first big test, though was something I made a bit of an "oops" on. We were scheduled to have a fire drill in the afternoon. At lunch a couple teachers mentioned we might have one but I hadn't heard about it so I wasn't sure. Anyhow, once I was working the office in the afternoon, I decided it would be quite collegial of me if I mentioned the looming fire drill to other teachers to give them a heads-up. I spent a few minutes in the early afternoon going from class to class doing exactly this. As the 3:15pm deadline approached I was discussing my responsibilities during the fire drill with our other Principal It was then that she mentioned to me that she was a bit puzzled as to why many of the older students in particular had been searching out for their coats over the past few minutes. Hmmmm.....It was as if they somehow knew something was up.

"How did they know?" she asked me with a puzzled look. "I didn't mention anything to them about a fire drill." Oops! As it turned out, both teachers and students were not supposed to know about the fire dril ahead of time. A bit embarrassed I admitted my mistake, and took a good bit of ribbing from the rest of the office staff in return.

As it turned out though, the drill went off without a hitch. I only had to close one classroom door that had been left open during my walk-through. The one thing I can't take any blame for was that after the alarm had been wailing for a few minutes, I learned that there would be a small delay in getting the students back into the building. Turns out that once the alarm had been set off, the boys from the fire department had a few difficulties in getting the thing to stop! Luckily our weather here is still quite mild by Northern standards so the extra wait outside wasn't all that uncomfortable. Once the alarm was shut off and students were safely back in their classes it was just about time to send them home for the weekend.


c'est moi said...

Just catching up on some blog reading today. Good luck with this new assignment. It'll be a good opportunity to see if you like life on the other side of the desk.

Anonymous said...

Have to laugh at this write-up - must be something about you and fire alarms - ha! ha! ha! Glad to see all is well. We miss you!
Love your little sister

Way Way Up said...

Yeah, something told me I'd never live that little incident down!