Monday, October 15, 2007

The Other Side of the Desk

Its been a couple years since I've done any administrative duties so I knew this morning I might be a little rusty but all in all it was a good (if long) day. I won't bore you with all the minutiae that takes up my day (okay, just some of them) but I was kept on my toes. I was out the door a little earlier in usual so I could have some quiet to organize my thoughts and get some extra work out of the way. Naively I brought my laptop in with me and set it up in the office with the idea of being able to soothe the soul with a few Scarlatti keyboard sonatas I had put on it over the weekend. It would have been nice if I actually had time to sit in the chair. The laptop sat opened but unlistened to throughout the day.

I am planning out for a subsitute teacher who just graduated herself from grade 12 last week (qualified substitute teachers are in pitiful short supply in the North). I had to spend a bit of time in my classroom helping my sub (can't really blame the girl though, she was trying her best) this afternoon as I have a couple unit tests in the near future (couldn't plan these around my principal's time out of the community) and I just find reviewing for tests a difficult thing to do when you have a substitute in your place.

There is also a trade show going on in the school gym next week that I am helping coordinate. I forget off the top of my head where the group putting on the trade show is coming from but they will be in the community next week......all 45 of them. They will be in the community gym during school hours running and career fair for students in grade 8 and higher. And I also had to make sure a lunch is prepared for the day of the trade show to feed our 45 guests. No worries there though. They don't have to suffer through my poor cooking. I asked our community librarian to put something together and was very grateful she agreed to do it.

Representatives from Skills Canada, an organization that promotes hands-on learning, are also coming up in the near future and interested students will be constructing cardboard sleds (or qamutiqs as they are known here) and a course to race them on. Thankfully we now have enough snow on the ground for this though it would be nice if the bay was frozen over so the races could be held there.

I helped our acting-Principal locate some forms that needed to be faxed off to a teachers newly-hired over the weekend. I know one of them has visited my blog for information on the community before moving here. Hope it was useful. Hello to Petra and Alesha (hope I spelled that right). Yes, we finally have a full staff of teachers at our school...woo hoo!

I ended the day with a full 2-hour soccer practice which went well. The rec. director was by to let me know the tournament dates. The first weekend of November my teams head down for Regionals in Iqaluit. I'm hoping I will be finished my administrative duties by then just so I can focus on the team and not leave our other administrator in a bind.

Well, so far so good. I had only very minor discipline issues to deal with in the afternoon so I feel like I'm off to a good start. I can rest well after a good start to the week and be back at it tomorrow. Now if only that darn sewage truck would make an appearance the day would be perfect!