Sunday, October 21, 2007

Movie Night in the High Arctic

I'm not the biggest movie-goer or even much of a t.v.-watcher but a couple movies have caught attention here tonight. The first is "Casino Royale". I pretty much came across this one by accident. I'm not a big James Bond fan, though I will admit to seeing a couple of Hollywood's remakes. The only real reason this movie caught my attention is because some of the scenes were shot in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) in the Czech Republic and I recognized some of the larger hotels from when I visited there back in July. I didn't watch much of this movie ( the poker scenes only reminded me of how horridly I played in our Friday poker match here). I started flicking around again and found a real northern gem.

The second flick, one I HAVE been trying in vain to see for some time, is "The Journals of Knud Rasmussen". I joined the movie "in progress" though I hope to see the entire movie from start to finish soon. (Perhaps Santa will see fit to drop off a copy in my Christmas stocking!). Unlike Isuma Productions' first movie, "Atanarjuat", this one has English as well as Inuktitut. It may also have some Danish or Greenlandic in it as well but I'm not sure since I'm watching away as I type here. I have to admit, after seeing "Atanarjuat" several times, I find it odd seeing a lot of the same characters playing new roles. The Inuk actor Peter-Henry Arnatsiaq had a small role in the Canadian production "The Snow Walker", but I will always think of him as Oki from "Atanarjuat".

I'm finding I understand just enough Inuktitut so that I don't have to contantly read subtitles off the tv screen when the characters perform the Inuktitut dialogue. Entertainment and education rolled into one.


Kennie said...

Now now Darcy ... I was just lucky as hell during Friday Poker :-). Glad to see though you've embraced tv again (even if it's only temporarily).