Monday, October 22, 2007

It's A Bit Crowded With the New Housemate

Monty and I picked up a satellite dish a few weeks back......when exactly I can't remember. Our work and coaching schedules have kept us from being able to set this bad boy up though we did manage to at least attach the brace to the back of our place last weekend - in near gale-force winds it seems. I'm hopeful of getting the dish up soon as the idea of setting it up in freezing cold pitch black conditions doesn't appeal much to me. For the moment, the dish sits in our small livingroom. I'm thinking the curved disk portion would make a fantastic sled for the hills once we pick up a bit more snow. We'll be glad to get it up to have the extra space back. I feel like we've adopted it...or its adopted us.


Kara and Matt said...

Ahhh satellite!

We had never had more than peasant vision (CBC) before moving here. The house came with the dish and receiver, hurray! So the first month we signed up for nearly everything Bell had to offer for $80 a month. After the first month we discovered it was not that much fun. My husband was ready to kill me cause I would flick the channels too much. So we finally decided on the base package and the tlc/discovery package. It is cheaper than having cable here in town!

Clare said...

Save yourself the trouble Darcy, hire my brother-in-law, the dish whisperer, to aim it.