Monday, October 22, 2007

I Have No Catchy Title For This Post

I must say that for a Monday the day passed by rather uneventfully. It was refreshing to have to exactly zero discipline issues to deal with which freed me up to do some organizing and a few small things in advance of Thursday's Career Education Day at our school as well as the Cardboard Qamutiq Races. I even had the opportunity to sit in the big comfy principal's chair to get some marking out of the way.

For some reason all the school's mail that was sent by cargo was delivered to my door this evening - a few heavy packages that I'll get over the school somehow. What I was most excited to see however were the two pairs of soccer shorts I needed for my boys' team. I had lent out the uniforms back in the spring to an older soccer team and a couple pairs of shorts were (quite frustratingly) not returned. Uniforms are not exactly the easiest things to get here so I guard them with my life now. I'm pleased that at least the team will be spiffily atired for the tournament which is now just around the corner.

Speaking of soccer (as I am wont to do), we had a fantastic practice today. For the first time in quite some time all players from both the girls and boys teams made the practice and it was a good one. It can be a challenge at times to get everyone to show up. Hunting, babysitting and other family obligations mean that I don't usually see 2 full teams in the gym and rearing to go right at our 4pm practices. Its a treat to see how much they have developed and improved in the two and half years I've been working with them. Not that I am by any means a great, or even average, coach. We get though it with enthusiasm, teamwork and laughter and let the tournaments take care of themselves. I am confident of their chances next weekend though. At least the days of getting blown out of the water by the bigger communities are long long past us.......yeah okay, I admit I'm a tad biased here......I know they'll score a gold. What can I say? I have a team other schools only wish they had.

We never really had a team name or anything like that, though the boys did start calling themselves the Arctic Bay Impact at last year's Regionals. I like the name. Certainly these kids have had a very positive impact on my life!